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A visit to the Sun Temple at Konark is alone worth your journey but as you travel more either along the coastal area or into the central tribal region, you will get the opportunity of seeing some of the most fascinating temples and remote tribal communities of the subcontinent. These tribal areas are mostly protected but you can visit the local weekly markets and mingle with these interesting people, all that you have to gis is some respect. Due to the inaccessibility and consequently less human interference, you can enjoy the real beauty of nature I this area.  You can buy handicrafts directly from the people who make them in the villages or the markets. Stay at some of the magnificent heritage properties.

  • The Tour Plan for Tribes & Temples Tours by Vacations-International
DAY 01 Arrival Kolkata

You will be greeted by a Vacations International representative at the airport who will transfer you to your hotel. Rest of the day is at leisure. A city with glaring disparity, Kolkata is curiously a blend of the old and new. It symbolizes a mixture of the East and West. A piece of a European city grafted on an Asian surrounding, presents charm and pleasure along with commotion and uncertainty. Founded by the East India Company300 years ago, this was the capital of British India until 1911. You can still observe the graceful but crumbling ruins of the British era, covered in moss and mildew. Producing fine art, music and drama and drawing the best performers and their fans, Kolkata is also known as the creative capital of India. Victoria Memorial, Kolkata’s most impressive structure, opened by the Prince of Wales in 1921 and often called the "Taj Mahal" of the British era is a must visit site. St. Paul's Cathedral and the Indian Museum, with one of the best collections of Indian art in the whole of the subcontinent are some other places that will interest you. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle for Transfer only).

DAY 02 Kolkata – Bhubaneshwar (by Flight)

After a leisurely breakfast, take a trip to the Victoria Memorial (closed on Mondays), St. Paul's Cathedral and the outstanding India Museum (closed on Mondays), which houses one of the world's best collection of Indian art. Also visit the South Park Street Cemetery housing the graves and memorials of British imperial history where people living within the era from 1767 are buried. The tests and achievements of the building of an empire can be seen in the records of their lives. The warmth and hospitality of Kolkata will astonish you and it is a must visit for anyone who desires to Know India. Late in the afternoon, drive to th airport for a flight to Bhubaneshwar and on arrival, check-in the hotel. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle for Transfers & Sightseeing)

DAY 03 Bhubaneshwar

Post leisurely breakfast, visit world famed temples and caves of Bhubaneshwar. Once the capital of an ancient kingdom and known as the 'Cathedral City', today’s Bhubaneshwar is a busy centre for commerce and religious activity. Its temples are an evidence of the area’s history spanning 25 centuries. The Lingaraj, the Parsurameswar, the Mukteshwar and the Rajarani temples are matchless not only in their architectural magnificence and amazing sculptures which boost their presence. Closed for non-Hindus the Lingaraj can be viewed from the viewing stand erected alongside. Located at a distance of 8 km from Bhubaneswar, also visit the twin hills of Khandagiri and Udayagiri, the site of an ancient Jain monastery which was carved into cave like chambers in the face of the hill. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal).

DAY 04 Bhubaneshwar – Puri (60 kms/1 ½ hrs)

After breakfast visit Konark en-route to Puri. Dedicated to the Sun God the colossal temple of Konark though in ruins is wonderful and displays the brilliance of the architects who envisioned and built it. This temple is generally known not only for its architectural magnificence but also for the complexity and abundance of sculptural work. Conceived as a chariot of the sun god dragged by seven horses, the temple has 24 wheels, each about 10 feet in diameter, with a set of spokes and complex carvings. There are two lions guarding the entrance, crushing elephants. The name of Puri, itself attracts the attention of all those who are aware of its importance. One of the four sacred dhams of the Hindu religion, Jagannath temple is a huge temple structure made in the style of Kalinga architecture, constructed in the 12th century and believed to be one of the tallest (65 m) temples in India. This wonderful temple is dedicated to the Lord of the Universe. Closed for non-Hindus, it can be viewed from the viewing stand constructed alongside. In the evening spend your time at leisure on beach. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 05 Puri – Gopalpur (200 kms/4 hrs)

After breakfast drive to Gopalpur and check in at the hotel. Relax for the rest of the day. Considered as one of the finest beaches of Orissa, this small beach is a wonderful place for sea lovers. It was once a buzzing seaport but now offers a calm environment that is favorable for self examination and revelry. At the captivating seaside resort in Gopalpur, you will enjoy the sun, the sea and the sand like no other place. Strolling around the beach, collect seashells and fist-sized pearl-white conch shells and immerse yourself in the calm that surrounds you. Shop for ornaments and mementos at the local markets. Items created from seashells are of course the favourite. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 06 Gopalpur – Rayagada (230 kms/4 ½ hrs)

Drive to Rayagada after breakfast and on arrival check-in at the hotel. Relax for the rest of the day. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 07 Rayagada – Jeypore (250 kms/5 hrs)

After breakfast take trip to the Dongariya Kondh weekly Wednesday market. After lunch check-out and drive to Jeypore, visiting the Paraja villages en-route. Mostly found in the Koraput district, the Parajas have numerous totem-based sects like Bagh-tiger, Bokda-goat, Netam-Dog and Pandki-Dove. Hurting or eating these totem animals is strictly prohibited as such animals are revered. Check in at the hotel on arrival at Jeypore. Relax for the rest of the day. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 08 Jeypore – Jagdalpur (90 kms/2 hrs)

After breakfast visit the Kotpad weavers on the way Jagdalpur. At Jagdalpur, check-in at the hotel. Take a trip to the Chitrakote waterfall in the afternoon and enjoy a tribal dance presentation at the hotel in the evening. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 09 Jagdalpur – Kanker (118 kms/2 ½ hrs)

After breakfast on the way to Kanker, visit the Narayanpur weekly Sunday market. Discover some of the finest handicrafts of Bastar District of the state of Chhattisgarh at Kondagaon and Narayanpur and get the chance to mix up with the people who make them. After a picnic lunch in the forest complete your day with an early evening dance by youthful members of Bastar's 'Gond tribe'. Dine at the Royal Palace of Kanker, a small but wonderful palace located in lush green surroundings. This palace is still the residence of the Maharajadhiraj Udai Pratap Deo, with a part of it being converted to a hotel. Enjoy the company of the royal family (providing they are around) along with a performance of the traditional music and dance of the region over drinks and dinner. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal).

DAY 10 Kanker – Bhoramdeo (280 kms/5 hrs)

Post breakfast drive to Bhoramdeo, and check in at the hotel. In the evening visit the Bhoramdeo Temple. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle for Transfer)

DAY 11 Bhoramdeo

Take a trip to the Baiga villages near Chilpi after breakfast and enjoy their music & dance performances at the courtyard of the hotel in the evening. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 12 Bhoramdeo – Kawardha (30 kms/30 mins)

Drive to Kawardha after breakfast and check in at the hotel. Relax for the rest of the day. Yuvraj Yogeshwar Raj Singh and Yuvrani Kirti Singh personally run the Kawardha Palace in the home stay tradition. Spread across 11 acres of private gardens, this Palace is an exciting structure created with Italian marble. Situated in the Maikal hills in central India, Kawardha is tranquil, beautiful and away from the busy routes. The fascinating Baiga tribes are also settled here. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle at Disposal)

DAY 13 Kawardha – Raipur (150 kms/4 hrs) – Delhi

Relax in the morning and after lunch you will be transferred to the Raipur airport for your flight to Delhi. On arrival you will be transferred you to your hotel. Overnight, stay at the hotel. (Vehicle for Transfer)

DAY 14 Delhi – Departure

You will be transferred to the airport for your return flight. (Vehicle for Transfer)

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