Hi ! It was a wonderful trip . I would like to thank to Ajay & Babita Khanduri and his team that I had contact during this trip to show me in such nice ways this exciting , colorful Kerala Trip. Reps & Guide: - Good . Accommodations:- All of them were very good, some of them Superb ! Transport:- Good conditions with experienced driver. Visited cities:- Kochi, Aleppey. Thekkady, Kumarakom

Mr. Pierre Gignac

Hello Ajay Thank you very much for the trip your organized for us: it was exactly what we were waiting for! ANIL was a fantastic driver, caring so much for our comfort and well-being , always smiling and paying attention to us. A FANTASTIC TRIP ESCORT MAN! The hotels were globally very well and we appreciate them a lot, even if they were not of same category, but most of them were excellent and propose very good services. We were happy to have a guide to escort us at the Kochi airport; without him, I suppose the embarkation would have been….quite difficult! We would have liked to stay longer but clients were waiting for my husband first, in Paris. We shall recommend you to friends, like the GENEST have recommended you to us.

Laure Landon

Reps:- Very friendly and provided details about flight & tours. Hotels:- Hotels were excellent. Transport:- Excellent! Remarks:- Overall experience was very satisfied & would use the services again.

Prof. Dr. Peter Conrad

Dear Ajay ! We are now at home, your correspondent in Trivendrum have asked us the fee-back, please find here under our comments: - Accommodation: Excellent Guide : Excellent Transport: Excellent, all over tour was nice ! Many thanks and see you next time !

Mr. & Mrs. Michele Bouton

Dear Mr. Ajay! Just arrived yesterday, Enjoy my Kashmir Trip a lot ! even the guide and driver were good and and very co-operative . thanks for your service. looking forward next time .

Ms. Celine Jentzsh

I am really thankful to you for the very nice arrangements. Here are below the feedback for our Tour: - Hotel: Very Good Transport Services: Excellent Sightseeing: Excellent Guide Services: Excellent Airport Representative: Excellent and very helpful assist us with rescheduling of cancelled flight. All arrangement superb and Very Pleasant

Dr. Beth Ann Fox

Hello Mr. Khanduri ! Just to let you know that our guide "Mr. Ragu" Whom we have followed along our journey in India Has been First Class all the way. Mr. Ragu was in every moment concerned about us, the way we were Felling in all the aspects. All the information he was provided to us were really useful and excellent. I don't want to forget the amount of time and all the moves he driver as putted to help us to obtain those families registration paper that we needed to get out of the Country ...Lots a work and Lots A Time specd For that Issue !! All the help from you at Vacations International as specially all the work in Chennai....Al the people were Number One. Back to Mr. Ragu, I think He has dome a perfect work and I will recommend him any time for any group..he knows his job he is a very please person to travel with us so his is 99.9% (nobody is perfect)

Mr. Raymond Parent & Chistain Beanrd

Hi Babita & Ajay ! Many thanks for very Nice trip!! Services was very good - In time , Friendly and helpful . We had a very good time. Reps & Guide:- Good Hotels:- Hotel was very good Transport:- Excellent Visited cities:-Delhi, Bandhagarh, Kathmandu

Mr Eric Jean Raymond & Ms. Nathalie Lucienne Germaine

Dear Ajay ! Many thanks for making our trip to India superb ! Hotel, Guide, Driver all of them were very good, some of them Superb

Perrine Deglaire

Dear Mr. Ajay and all team members of Vacations International, specially Ajay your support all the time I can never forget. Hotel: Very Good Transport Services: Excellent Sightseeing: Excellent Guide Services: Excellent Airport Representative: Excellent

Dr. Atchison Joseph Florence

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